Acai Berry Puree: The Most Excellent Acai Berry Supplement

Acai Berry Puree: The Most Excellent Acai Berry Supplement

The acai berries look similar to grapes and blue berries; they have a dark-purple pigment and are circular; nevertheless, these fruits have a large single seed and lesser pulp in comparison to the other two. These berries are fruits of a palm tree growing in the Amazon jungle of South America. It is clustered in panicles and drapes freely from tree branches. As they ripen, their color also deepens and when they are fully ripe they will look like blueberries having a very dark purple pigment. You will not ordinarily find raw acai berries outside Brazil. The closest thing you will find is an acai berry puree.

Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

It has been known all over the world that acai contains the highest levels of antioxidants among all food sources; specifically, it is rich in anthocyanins which works as a “sunscreen” protection that absorbs blue-green and UV light thereby shielding the tissues from photo inhibition, or high-light stress. Antioxidants help slow down the process of aging, preventing the occurrence of age-related diseases such as, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases and diabetes. However the key role of antioxidants in the human body is to flush out harmful chemicals, eliminate free radicals and destroy defective or abnormal cells therefore strengthening the immune system. The amino acids and proteins present in the acai berries also play a big role in helping the body produce and restore tissues. Moreover, the acai berries also supply the body with Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 which are healthy fatty acids that help remove bad cholesterol.

Acai berries can be taken in various forms like pills, liquids, powder and shakes etc; but with numerous studies, it has been discovered that acai berry taken in a pure liquid form is most effective. All the nutritional contents of the acai berry fruit can be obtained from its pureed form. However, all these nutrients can be lost if you heat the fruit or the puree; so, you need to be cautious in preparing the acai berry fruit juice.

More about Acai Juice

The puree extracted from newly-picked acai palm berries is the most excellent acai berry product. To yield the puree, the producers have to separate the flesh of acai berries from the big seed which is in the center and then crush the berries properly to get the pure form of pulp. Taking the acai berry puree is better than taking the common acai berry juice; in view of the fact that the latter may contain fillers and other additives which can make the supplement less effective. Acai berry puree has a very satisfying taste. It has a flavor of sweet berry that is added with a pinch of chocolate.

Some acai berry juices that are available at the supermarkets are naket juice, sambazon, bassa novaThe most popular acai berry purees in the market today are: naket juice, sambazon, bassa nova; To get your money’s worth, carefully check the label of the acai berry puree that you will be buying; it should have a USDA Organic Certification and a BBB rating; it must be unfiltered, thick and contain 3000 ORAC per ounce, with no sugar additives, no preservatives and contained in a glass bottle.

The benefits listed above makes it clear that acai berry purees are indeed very wonderful. Without question, this fruit is one of nature’s greatest gifts and should be incorporated into everyone’s diet plan.

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