Go For The Green

Go For The Green

Vegetables are the most important item to consider when you are looking to change your ways. If you are looking to develop healthier eating habits and to improve your lifestyle, look no further than toward the green part of the plate.

They Do Not Hurt

In almost diet that you will look at and consider, the one thing that there is never a limit on is the number of vegetables to intake. Of course, that is also without any add-ons. Broccoli with cheese sauce is no longer a vegetable. By adding, an abundance of butter or cooking veggies with bacon, it defeats the purpose of enjoying the vegetable with your meal.
Look at the color of the vegetable. The deeper and more vibrant the color of the vegetable, the more nutrients the vegetable will contain. For example, romaine and radicchio are going to contain a lot more vital items in them than simple iceberg lettuce will. Also, if you are going to be using a salad as your vegetable, covering it with cheese and ranch dressing is another way to eliminate all of the nutritional value you are looking to acquire with the salad.

Mix It Up

Do not be afraid to try new items from the vegetable family as well. Throwing in a twist or adding them to a dish will be great to enhance and improve your health. Look at all the different items that are available at your grocery store as well.

The best options to look at for vegetables are going to be ones that are fresh and organic. This is one way to insure that there is not anything in them that should not be as well as to know that you are getting as much out of your veggies as well. If you are unable to get fresh vegetables, then the next safest bet is going to be to get frozen. These will not taste the same, but they will have fewer preservatives and add ins as opposed to the ones that you will get from a can. Canned vegetables are the one type of vegetable that you should consume the least.

Canned vegetables are the most convenient to eat of course, but they are the ones that offer the least amount of nutrition to you. This is because they need so many preservatives and so many different things to maintain color and freshness. If you must use canned try to get the ones that have no salt added.



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