EDTA Oral Chelation - The Strongest Natural Treatment for Your Heart, Arteries,Memory, and More -- Has Just Become Even More Effective

EDTA Oral Chelation - The Strongest Natural Treatment for Your Heart, Arteries,Memory, and More -- Has Just Become Even More Effective

Oral ChelationThe Strongest Natural Treatment for

Your Heart, Arteries, Memory, and More Has

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tremendous source of information about chelation is

a gentleman known as the "father" of the

modern chelation movement, as well a world-renowned

expert on nutrition, mineral metabolism, and alternative

and preventative therapies, Garry Gordon, MD, DO.

Dr. Gordon wrote the original protocol for the safe

and effective use of EDTA. In an interview conducted

by John Morgenthaler, Dr. Gordon explained some of

the extraordinary results he has accumulated in his

use and study of EDTA Chelation, including the following.

anti-clotting therapies like aspirin and coumadin

are effective against only about one-third of

Whats worse, aspirin has a well-known corrosive

effect on the membrane of the stomach, causing

a micro-hemorrhage right where the pill hits the

stomach. EDTA, on the other hand, appears to reduce

all harmful clotting mechanisms. "In a proper

combination with other natural anti-clotting substances,

oral EDTA is a safe and effective alternative.

According to Dr. Gordon. "Ive known

people who had such poor peripheral circulation

that their feet were black bordering on gangrene.

After oral EDTA, their black feet became pink

actually stimulates bone growth, through a complex

action of the parathyroid gland. Even though it

is removing calcium from plaque in blood vessels,

it has the ability to make bones stronger. Dr.

Gordon believes that chelation can significantly

reduce the incidence of osteoporosis. "The

more chelation we give people, the less osteoporosis

they have and the less age-related calcium accumulation

there is in their blood vessels. The average

80-year-old man...shows 140 times more calcium

than he had at age 10. This means youre

gradually turning to stone in all your arteries.

We can document that calcium accumulation in the

artery is totally reversible by enough

use IV treatment to get peoples arteries younger,"

says Dr. Gordon, "and to increase blood flow

in their arteries." Remarkably, while conventionally

trained cardiologists consider the diagnosis of congestive

heart failure to be virtually a death sentence

over 60 percent of their patients are dead within

the first year Dr. Gordon hasnt lost

one patient with congestive failure in 10 years.

therapy is far more than just a powerful heart and

circulation treatment. As a result of its complex

therapy helps to correct, reverse, or eliminate a

vast array of serious and prevalent health conditions,

ranging from senility to cancer. [See the chart below.]

any significant risks with chelation? When administered

by a properly trained physician, according to Dr.

Gordon, IV EDTA has an extremely low risk of side

effects less than 1 in 10,000 patients. And

mortality rates for chelation, when carried out according

How to use Oral EDTA to protect your

less well known, among consumers and health care professionals,

are the benefits of the oral form EDTA Chelation therapy

in which the same EDTA compound used intravenously

is taken orally, in doses high enough to be effective,

yet safe enough to be taken without a doctors

is my firm belief," says Dr. Gordon, "that

anyone considering using aspirin for the prevention

of heart attack should learn everything they can about

oral EDTA. It is my belief that EDTA is as much as

the early IV chelation studies, the early clinical

studies with oral EDTA were also promising, including

loss of fat in rats, reduction of cholesterol in rabbits,

and reduced blood pressure in humans. Consequently,

a study of the effects of oral EDTA on patients with

atherosclerosis and/or hypertension was conducted

on 10 patients. Four of these patients had hypertension,

four had angina pectoris, one had peripheral vascular

disease (intermittent claudication), and one was recovering

from a heart attack. All were treated with 1 gram

of oral EDTA daily for 3 months.

The oral supplements caused a significant

drop in the patients blood pressure... cholesterol...leg

the ten patients experienced significant reductions

in their cholesterol levels, and blood pressure was

reduced in all ten. The most marked change occurred

in the patient with intermittent claudication, whose

cholesterol dropped from 278 mg per 100 ml to 128!

This patient also reported improved exercise tolerance,

and the researchers found improved pulsations in the

extremities. The four patients with angina pectoris

series of 20 patients who suffered from high cholesterol,

hypertension, angina or peripheral vascular disease,

one gram of EDTA was administered orally every day

for 3 months. During that short time, elevated cholesterol

levels in nine of the patients dropped to within the

normal range. No adverse results were experienced

by any of the patients. Angina attacks were reduced

in frequency and severity in five individuals. One

person, who previously had suffered a heart attack

and experienced several angina attacks daily thereafter,

study, two patients with extremely elevated cholesterol

were treated with oral EDTA. One patient took EDTA

in progressively increasing doses ranging from 500

mg to 4 gm daily for one year, and the other took

1,000 mg daily for three years. Although the first

patient suffered a heart attack after three years

of therapy, she recovered uneventfully, and had reduced

angina pains and improved sense of well being with

continued use of EDTA. The second patient in

addition to high cholesterol had a condition

known as xanthomatosis (yellowish papules in the skin,

related to elevated blood lipids). She not only experienced

dramatic reductions in her cholesterol levels with

oral EDTA treatment, but her skin lesions completely

you can use oral chelation supplements to...

your system of heavy metal toxicity and harmful

thin the blood and prevent the formation of blood

clots and reduce your risk of heart attack

your blood pressure and cholesterol levels (One

of Dr. Gordons patients at Stanford University

could not get her cholesterol below 500. Using

came down to 200 a remarkable result.)

free-radicals...a major cause of atherosclerosis,

as well as accelerated aging, cancer, and arthritis

is not meant to replace IV therapy for those people

who have serious vascular disease. It is very useful,

though, for people who have completed an IV course

and want to stay on a maintenance program...for people

who "for whatever reason" wish to avoid

IV chelation...and for those whos IV treatments

is a safe, powerful disease fighter. It works. And

considering that vascular diseases and blockages occur

throughout the entire body, chelation is an ideal

much to take...how to know its working... and

of oral EDTA used in the studies cited above ranges

from a low of 500 milligrams per day to a high of

4,000 milligrams per day, with the most common dose

the majority of oral chelation supplements available

today make it nearly impossible for you to consume

the recommended amount, without inordinate hassle...and

stomachache. With some chelation supplements, you

need to take up to 40 capsules per day to get the

high-level dose of 4,000 milligrams of EDTA per day!

recent research has shown that, aside from EDTA, there

are two natural compounds that also function as excellent

chelation agents: garlic and malic acid.

chelation supplements do include garlic...but again,

you have to take so much of the supplement that, needless

to say, your daily dose of the garlic can become a

bit on the high side, and a bit unpleasant. Of all

the chelation formulations available today, only one

provides enough EDTA per capsule 250 milligrams,

or 0.25 grams to maintain the recommended daily

dose conveniently, and at minimum cost and hassle.

is quite simply the most effective and convenient

oral chelation supplement you can find. In addition

to providing the optimum dose of EDTA, malic acid,

and garlic, CardioClear also includes parsley

extract, to absorb the garlic odor.

have a known CVD condition...you should see a qualified

doctor and ask about IV chelation and oral

chelation. If you have a condition but it is not serious

enough to require medical attention now, then oral

chelation alone is a good choice for maintenance and

prevention. Finally, if you do not have a known condition,

then CardioClear the most powerful and

reliable way to heal your arteries and support your

entire circulatory system can help keep you

from Walker M., Gordon G., Douglass W.C.:

find a doctor qualified ...to provide you

with IV chelation treatments, contact the

ACAM (American College for Advancement in

Chelation therapy appears to be extremely

safe, but as with almost any drug or supplement,

there are potential adverse effects of EDTA

chelation. One danger is nephrotoxicity (kidney

damage). This is dependent on the dose, the

rate of infusion, the patients kidney

function, and the patients body burden

of toxic heavy metals. Kidney damage was not

uncommon in the early days of chelation therapy,

when doses of EDTA in the range of 5-10 grams

per day were used, and treatments were administered

as often as 5 days per week.

damage can be easily prevented, however, by

carefully adjusting the frequency, dose and

rate in which the EDTA is administered. In

over prolonged periods (three to six months

and longer) actually improves kidney function.

(excessively low blood levels of calcium)

due to EDTAs binding excessively with

calcium in the blood, hypoglycemia (low blood

sugar), believed to be due to accompanying

of the vein), usually due to improperly prepared

solutions. Rarely reported side effects include

chills and fever following infusion, acerbation

of congestive heart failure due to fluid overload,

fatigue (usually due to hypoglycemia or hypocalcemia),

seizures, arrhythmias, or rash. The risk of

incurring any of the above adverse effects

has further been greatly reduced by the recent

finding of Drs. Grant Born and Tammy Geurkink23

that even greater benefit can be obtained

by most patients who are treated with only

1.5 grams of EDTA per treatment, rather than

with the standard dose of three grams. (But

this refers to the IV infusion of EDTA, not

to be confused with dosages for oral use,

which are in the range of 500mg to 4000mg

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