Amidren ReviewHave you happened to hear

Amidren ReviewHave you happened to hear

Amidren Review

Have you happened to hear of Andropause before?

If you haven’t, its basically the equivalent of menopause for men. That’s right, just like women, who have to deal with hormonal changes and drops in estrogen production once they hit middle age, men must also deal with the effects brought on by lower testosterone levels.

These effects, which occur during Andropause, include a loss in muscle mass, energy, hair, and perhaps most importantly, sexual function.

Luckily, products like Amidren are specifically designed to treat Andropause and replenish testosterone levels.

But does Amidren really have what it takes to help 40-55 year old men get their life back in order?

The Product

As is the status quo, Amidren contains an all-natural blend of ingredients. Further, most of these minerals and herbal extracts are found in a 1,354 mg (per serving) proprietary blend called the Amidren Hormonal Support Complex.

Here are just a few of these ingredients, including:

Fenugreek – This plant extract is considered an aromatase inhibitor. As such, it has the ability to stop the enyzme, aromatase, from converting free testosterone into estrogen. By doing so, not only does Fenugreek ensure that their is an abundance of free and bio-available testosterone in a body, but it also ensures that estrogen levels remain minimal.

Zinc – This essential mineral is often found in male enhancement and anti-aging products because of its ability to metabolize testosterone. That said, studies have shown that a low zinc count can lead to a loss in libido, cause regression of the sex glands and even lead to low sperm quality.

Tribulus Terrestris – This plant extract, which is cultivated in almost every area of the world that has a tropical and warm climate, is one of the testosterone boosters found in Amidren. While it doesn’t boost testosterone levels directly, the presence of Tribulus Terrestris does lead to higher luteinizing hormone (LH) levels. In turn, as a testosterone precursor, LH is able to synthesize higher levels of testosterone in a man’s testes.

BioPerine – This Piper Nigrum Fruit (black pepper) extract is a proven absorption and uptake enhancer. Basically, any substance which comes in contact with BioPerine becomes more bio-available and absorbent in the body.

The Pros

As you can tell, Amidren has a relatively comprehensive and thorough blend of libido- and sex-enhancing ingredients that is capable of increasing total and free testosterone levels.

In addition, none of these ingredients are considered stimulants, which means that Amidren should be safe to consume and use.

Lastly, Amidren should be quite fast-acting and readily absorbent because of the presence of BioPerine.

The Problems

On the other hand, proprietary blends can be a little deceiving. You see, while we do know that Amidren’s propreitary blend contains 1,354 mg of “goodies,” we have no idea how this is divided up amongst the 10+ ingredients comprised in the blend.

That said, some ingredients can be rendered ineffective if they’re dosage amounts are too low – a problem that can be easily masked using a proprietary blend.

Also, Amidren was a little more expensive than we would have expected…

The Price

Continuing our last train of thought, a 30-serving (60 capsules) bottle of Amidren costs $69.99 at retail price. This is too hefty of a price tag for our taste. Along those lines, we could see certain individuals passing on Amidren because this product is simply too expensive to afford.

Purchase or Not?

In conclusion, Amidren certainly contains the right ingredients needed to combat Andropause. But since these ingredients may not be found in the right amounts, its hard to determine just how effective Amidren really is.

By coupling this with the fact that Amidren is a little more expensive than some of its counterparts, we’ve decided not to recommend the use of this product for the time being.

Have you used Amidren?

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