Aduki Bean - Ingredients

Aduki Bean - Ingredients

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Aduki Bean, Rich in starch, so it is known as rice bean.People are essential to life tall nutrition, multi-function grain.

Adzuki bean contained more saponin, can stimulate intestines, so it has good diuresis effect, can the wine, detoxification, heart disease and kidney disease, edema beneficial;

Adzuki bean more dietary fiber, has the good embellish aperient bowel, fall blood pressure, fall hematic fat, regulate blood sugar, detoxification anti-cancer, prevention stones, strong and handsome the effect that reduce weight;

Adzuki bean is folic acid in food, puerpera, a nurse eat more adzuki bean galactagogue effect.

Suitable for various types of edema, including renal oedema, heart oedema, cirrhosis ascites.

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