PRO Health Joint - and the joint mobility system

PRO Health Joint - and the joint mobility system

PRO Health Joint pain what can I do?

For millions of people, bone and joint pain, bone and joint degeneration causes discomfort and interrupts everyday activities.

Nearly everybody which is driving a car does it. And it doesn’t matter how old and how expensive your car is or was. They all need the same care. Some of use look moreor less after it.

We clean it inside and outside (or let it get done), we fill it up with fuel(what ever the costs are), water and of course oil (the best oil for my care, I want it to run quite and smooth, and with power).

WATER + OIL + FUEL + Service(km)

Over the year we invest a lot of money in our car! Have you ever written down, only for 6 month or for 1 year, how much money you invest in your car?


That''s good - otherwise you think you are rich!

Work it out just for a couple of month, approximate.

Petrol A$ 100.00 / week (A$ 100.00 x 52 = A$ 5.200)

Cleaning A$ 25.00 + each time



Tyers ect. ect.

Some even look more after the car then after there own body. But I can tell you, your car doesn’t go anywhere without you, when you can''t move.

So invest some time and money in your health, for your body, for your joints and bones!

+ Clean your body not just outside also twice a year inside!
(like you do it with your car, how often you clean it inside and outside)

+ Give your body healthy diet!
(like you fill up your car with fuel what ever is the best for it, you can''t put cheaper patrol in it, when your car needs super or diesel)

+ Use good oils on salad, fish etc., drink lot of water!
(like you do with your car, you put the best oil in your car)

+ Give yourself time for exercise!
(like you drive your car, otherwise the car wouldn''t work, when it is parked for couple years and not moved at all)

+ Get your health checked regular (cholesterol, blood sugar, heart check, breast (for women) etc. etc.
(like you take your car to the service, regular, as it get older more often)

PRO Health Joint - what your cartilages need

---The cartilage needs high-quality oils --------and determined nutrients

---The cartilage is not supplied directly over ------the bloodstream, but nourishes themselves -----from the joint liquid, which is synthesized ------from the joint skin.

Which consistency is water, proteins and oils.

The correct oils essentially decide over the supply of the cartilage cells!

Fat is not equal fat

Relationship of good omega 3 fats to omega 6 fats

Linol acid (omega 6) from margarine, meat, eggs, cheese is clearly increased

Recommendation 4:1

Asia 3:1

Europe 10:1

The USA 20:1

Humans do not eat enough of the omega 3 oils, result is that inflammations can develop substantially faster

Too much Arachidon acid

Animal fats from milk, eggs, butter and meat forms Arachidon acid in the body, these can affect many bodily functions negatively and over the years causes damages in the body.

We need less animal food and sufficiently insatiate fatty acids for the education of the so-called „good Eicosanoide “(tissue hormones)

PRO Health Joint - healthy and efficient joints, a prescription from nature, 1997 patented

That would be its perfect joint and heart cycle food

fresh fish, Sushi, nuts, cold pressed oils, herbs, fresh fruit & fresh veggies...

joint pain - 3 products which can help

---CM Plex cream

---CM Plex caps

---Glucosamine AJF

---Package for 1 month

Relieve of pain by special oils acids

Improving the joint mobility and flexibility

Improving with chronic complaints

Can relieve inflammations fast, no side effects!

• Cream for punctual application

• rub in 2-3 time daily

• often works within 20 - 30 min

• immediately inflammation restrained

• in the USA and Asia top seller

• listed in the USA physician list

studies - mobility

Knee diffraction in degrees

Duration of treatment 60 days

Double-blind study „Journal of Rheumatology “

Studies - conclusion

• 100% of the test persons had improvement with the CM Plex cream, used twice daily

• 97% of the test persons profited to use 6 caps CM Plex daily for 60 days

• The test persons were in the average age of 64.9 years and affected for more than 5 years

Key indicators: reduced joint pain and stiffness, bodily functions and movement area improved and quality of life

Presentation and publications

• Study from May 2003 at the American presented college of sport medicine in San Francisco

• Recommended natural product for the movement apparatus in the professional sport

• IOC examined (Olympic committee)

• Approves for publication in: Journal of Rheumatology in March 2004

Glucosamine is the perfect addition of C.M. Plex products concerning joint pain

However position characteristics:

Unicity Glucosamine is manufactured on nature basis and has a very high bio-availability, devil claw and a shark fish cartilage strengthens the effect.

• Glucosamine

• Chondroitin

• Shark fish cartilages

• Devil claw

Professor Dr. Gustav Drasch Ludwig from Maximillian University Germany and Fr. Sigird Drasch, Pharmacy Federation Munich

CM Plex of products e.g. reach the effect of drugs, like Ibuprofen, Voltaren or Dicluphenac. BUT without the side effects

Glucosamine already known for over 30 years from the veterinary medicine and helps usually fast with joint pain in natural way. There are approx. 400 studies about it.

Tens of millions of people suffer from joint pain and problems. Joint health is the key to wellness.

After all, it''s difficult to feel healthy when every act of walking hurts!

Keeping your joints strong, agile, and flexible is a priority for people wanting to live life to its fullest.

When joints, which are made up of connective tissue, receive natural, effective support, the difference is amazing.

Through a targeted nutritional approach, our Bone and Joint Health System helps slow damage.

New Bone Mate Plus provides 3 forms of calcium plus essential vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to maximize absorption.

Our Glucosamine AJF is a special formula of several natural ingredients that support joint health.

And CM Plex Softgels work to hydrate the joints, increase mobility and encourage a more active lifestyle.

CM Plex® Capsules and Cream are two synergistic products that provide a proprietary blend of cetyl fatty acids, in particular cetyl myristoleate.

These fatty acids are known to reduce inflammation, predominantly in the joints.

Two separate clinical studies, that have been published in the Journal of Rheumatology, have proven the beneficial effects these products have for patients with osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Taking the product together results in an even stronger effect.

Our products:

• Strengthen bones and may help prevent osteoporosis

• Help worn-out joints by supporting healthy cartilage and improved mobility

• Relieve joint discomfort and improve flexibility

Available as both a capsule and a cream, C.M. Plex™ supports joint health with a proprietary blend of cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate, and other cetyl esters.

These compounds have been shown to help penetrate and hydrate the joints and increase mobility, encouraging a more active lifestyle.

The cream and capsules work together synergistically. The cream provides additional moisturizing benefits, while the capsules offer additional ingredients for internalized nutritional support.

frequently asked questions

Q: Will CM Plex™ lose its effectiveness with continuous use?

A The bones and joints are active structures, constantly creating new tissue and breaking down old. A healthy, varied diet profoundly affects this ongoing process. As with any other component of our nutrition, CM Plex™ can assist the body at any and all adult stages in life.

Q: Can this product be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers?

A: As with many other nutritional supplements, it is not recommended that a pregnant woman or nursing mother use CM Plex™

Q: Has any human research been done on the ingredients contained in CM Plex™?

A: Yes. In fact, a human clinical study, presented at a major scientific conference in April 2001, demonstrated remarkable effects.

Q: What food are sources of nutrients that support joint health?

A: Foods high in vitamin C, such as several fruits and vegetables, are important because vitamin C is vital to the body''s development of connective tissue and ligaments, skin, bones, and blood vessels. The body cannot make its own vitamin C, so absorbing adequate amounts through diet and supplementation is crucial.

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