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New Health and Safety Business Focuses on Being Prepared

Boulder, Colorado – August 1, 2010 –Jerry Carta and Kris Kluver learned the hard way how important it is to be prepared. Jerry has led a dangerous lifestyle, competing in motocross races across the US, while Kris has traveled all seven continents. Put a former dirt bike racer and Computer Science major together with a world traveler, entrepreneur and Eagle Scout, and you come up with a definite recipe for success. This success has arrived in the form of a new e-commerce site called

Due to the uncertainty of our times, these two mavericks of business were moved to create this state of the art website and interactive blog. Both men feel that Health and Safety Source is a way of making their dreams of helping their fellow man stay prepared for any emergency or disaster come true.

Working with large wholesale suppliers allows the team of Carta and Kluver to sell to government and municipalities, though Health and Safety is just as prepared to sell to individuals and businesses. Several of the products sold on the site-which include safety equipment, supplies and training-have been used in disaster relief efforts in both New Orleans and Haiti.

With a constantly growing information and product database, could easily become the major supplier of safety products and services online. But there is more. Kris and Jerry have a vision of growing into an on-demand supplier of fundraisers. Whether it’s a local Boy Scout group who want to sell safety kits to raise money for a future trip, a daycare concerned with infant first aid raising money for awareness, or a big city non-profit wanting to sell safety kits as a fundraiser to further their cause, this health and safety site has it covered. In other words, is prepared!